Kenneth + Jocelyn | Surprise Elopement
Malibu, CA

Jocelyn has been a good friend of mine for years, and when she told me her plan to surprise Kenneth with an intimate elopement, I died! Jocelyn took Kenneth up to their family’s beach house for the weekend telling him we were videoing a cute date/anniversary video. She then came down in her wedding dress and proposed to him — It couldn’t have been a more perfect elopement.



It’s been a highlight in my life to capture the most special day of a love story. Though working primarily in the commercial industry, I can’t say no to always doing a few select love stories every year. I feel very lucky to be able to capture this moment for you.

Each couple is unique in the way they look at each other, make one another laugh, and dance the night away. I see each wedding day as the special celebration from the day they met and now beginning on their journey together.

I fell in love with shooting love stories and design each story to reflect each couple personally. I’ll get the laughs, the joyful tears, the kisses, and the walk into the sunset.

My brother Colby shoots alongside to get every moment. All the behind the scenes, family, details so you can watch yourselves take these steps together. We shoot in a documentary style to keep everything as genuine as possible. We don’t reenact or plan. We are there to capture every true moment as it plays out.

We would be honored to be a part of your story. Excited to hear from you.


Alex + Jacquelyn | Malibu, CA

I met Jacquelyn through a friend’s wedding I filmed, and after getting to know her and her boyfriend, a year later they got engaged! After becoming friends with them I couldn’t say no! The wedding was phenomenal! - Not just the location, details, and overall vibe, but their family made me feel as though I was family. It’s weddings like theirs that make my job worth it - They become life long friends.



India was a close photographer friend of mine from Utah and she ran away with the love of her life. I can’t get over their long hair and how beautiful they are together. Spending the weekend with them and their small elopement was a dream. They now travel the world capturing love and I am so happy for them.

Shawn + Kelly | State College, PA

Kelly called me a year and a half before their wedding and told me that she didn’t have anything planned but she wanted me to film her wedding. I was so flattered. Shawn and Kelly were dating for 10 years before they got married and it was so amazing to see them finally tie the knot. Be sure to watch the full ceremony, it’s one of my favorites.


DYLAN + TAURI | Salt Lake, Utah

Dylan and Tauri have the cutest love story, they met 6 years before they started dating, kept in touch long distance and then finally moved to the same state and made it official! Dylan proposed on a plot of land to where they built their first house. Their love story is sooo cute, and their wedding day was just a sweet. Love catching up with them and seeing their new baby grow.


Tobias + Quinn | Boston, MA

Tobias & Quinn became very close friends to my brother and I. We first ventured out to Boston to film their love story and spent a day with them, finished it off by going to dinner and drinks! Hearing their love story made me melt and want the same thing. Months later when we returned to film the wedding it was like seeing family.


Glen + Elizabeth | Las Vegas, NV
Glen and Liz live on this beautiful orchard in Las Vegas and what would be better than a backyard wedding? It was amazing to see them join families see her son be a major part of the wedding. The long table dinner was incredible and the vows had me laughing and crying.